Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chicken Lemon Orzo Soup

What's there to eat around here was inspired by my 17 year-old son, it's something that I hear each and every day tumble out of his mouth.  There is always food in our house, some prepackaged items that he can fix himself as well as plenty of items that are readily available to eat and make. One staple that I do make each week is soup.  We all love soup and although I'll make a large pot full, it usually only lasts about 2 days.  Our favorite lately is Chicken Lemon Orzo, which i decided I had to create at home once Panera Bread decided to stop serving it, and actually I think mine is better!

This soup is easy to make and so good, the lemon adds a nice tartness to the soup and it can be easily adjusted depending on your preferences.  

As far as the chicken, as a shortcut I sometimes will purchase one of those yummy roasted chickens from Sam's Club and just pick the chicken off to use in my soup. It saves time but the last few months I've been roasting my own chickens, seasoning them with a little butter, salt, pepper, minced garlic and slices of lemons under the skin. It adds a nice flavor to the chicken itself but also creates the most amazing chicken broth that I now use to make my soup.

You can find this recipe over at! Enjoy!!!

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