Saturday, November 24, 2012

Moist & Savory Stuffing

Another one of my assignments for November was making Moist & Savory Stuffing, utilizing both Swanson's Chicken Broth and Pepperidge Farm Herb Seasoned Stuffing.

I have never used the seasoned bread cubes before. I've always just used good old plain white bread, leaving it out on a cookie sheet inside the oven to get stale before using it in the stuffing recipe I was pretty much raised on, so this was totally new to me.

Other than the seasoned bread cubes, this recipe was really similar to the one I make year after year.  I did leave out the onions because as I've said before, I am not a fan.  I don't use them or buy them although the husband does but since I was cooking, the onions were left out, lol.  I also added a roll of sage sausage, sauteed that up and added that to the broth, celery, pepper and seasoned stuffing mixture.

The stuffing was really quick and easy to make, there was no time spent dicing up stale bread which saved some time, but I found the stuffing to be on the salty side.  I like to be able to season my homemade stuffing to my liking, adding sage and poultry seasoning as much or as little as I want, but while these flavors weren't overpowering in the seasoned stuffing mix, the salt was overpowering.

After looking at the Pepperidge Farm website and checking out the nutritional information, I found that the bagged stuffing has 600mg of sodium per every 3/4c portion.  With the "big boys" high blood pressure we really try and watch our salt intake and so while the stuffing was okay, I would rather make my own and eliminate a lot of the salt content.

To try Moist & Savory Stuffing, head over to Allrecipes!

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