Saturday, November 24, 2012

Giving Thanks

One of my favorite holidays has always been Thanksgiving, a time for our family to gather together and to cook together while laughing and carrying on.  My fondest memory and probably the one I hold most dear, is the last Thanksgiving I had with my dad, in 2001.  I have always adored my dad, there wasn't anything he couldn't do or make, whether it was in the kitchen or in the garage creating his stained glass works of art or duck carving, he could do it all in my eyes.

Dad was always the 'cook' in our house.  Mom would make dinner, sometimes, but Dad was always more "experimental", mixing different flavors together, never hesitating to try something (ok, well other than mac & cheese - he wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole).

 The night before Thanksgiving was the night we would sit in the kitchen, prepping the ingredients for Dad's sage sausage stuffing.  I'd be at the kitchen table dicing up celery while he took care of the onion (cause I don't do onions) while the sage sausage would be frying on the stove top.  After the veggies were added to the frying pan we'd start cubing the stale white bread into cubes, tossing them into the roasting pan in preparation for our meal the next afternoon.

There was A LOT of taste testing going on those nights, pinching finger fulls of the sausage right from the pan, and the smell, was just amazing.  To this day, the smell of sage sausage brings me right back to that kitchen with my dad.

Now, Thanksgiving is a time for me to reflect on all the great times and memories I have of my father.  Each Thanksgiving I've continued the tradition and have made "his" stuffing, minus the onions, lol.  This week alone, I've made it twice already and it's only Saturday, needless to say, it's a big favorite in our house and the "boy" and the "big boy" can't seem to get enough of it.

I am so thankful for time I spent with my father and for the incredible family and friends that I have surrounding me.  I think about them often, but especially during this time of year and despite what may be going on in our lives, whether that's in Michigan or here in Maryland or beyond, they are always close to my heart.

I hope your Thanksgiving memories are as bountiful and as special as mine are this holiday season.

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